In the 20s of the last century, the gentlemen, Schrör and Vriend, started a factory for Transport Tools, Machinery, Trailers and in Winterswijk.
The initials of those pioneers are still in the current name ESVE. In 1992, the leading trailer manufacturing factory was taken over by the Eeftink Rensing Group. The legend continues.

ESVE Winterswijk


About 40 years ago, founders Bart Eeftink and Frans Rensing started their first activities in an empty chicken shed. Through their tireless ‘Achterhoek’ work ethic and craftsmanship the company grew for decades. In 1992, trailer factory ESVE was taken over. In 1997, paint shop Cuppers (now ESVE paint) was also added to the Eeftink Rensing Group. The three companies are based in Lichtenvoorde at 1 location and try to cooperate as much as possible. Since 2011, Marcel Eekelder (ER) and Albert Willemsen (ESVE) form the management of the Eeftink Rensing Group.