Lodder Abbenbroek

Recently we delivered a number of vehicles to Lodder in Abbenbroek. What started with adjusting an existing ESVE semi-trailer resulted in a toolbox tower on a Volvo FH16 tractor and a trailer.

The Volvo has a stainless steel toolbox tower. In one of the boxes, the Ad-Blue tank is integrated and the tractor is equipped with a 2 + 1 hydraulic system, which allows for both cranes and walk-floor and chassis trailers to be pulled. To provide extended crane usage, there is also an oil cooler. To make it complete, a stepladder is mounted over which the upper continuous storaged compartment can be reached in which supports for a removable ladder are mounted.

The trailer is specially designed for the use behind a truck in the colors of Verwater company. It is equipped with disc brakes, hydraulic drive barges (independently operated without motor car) and stainless steel toolboxes. The floor has twistlocks and the edge bar has extra 3-ton shore holes.

We wish the family Sjouw good luck with their new acquisitions.